• CUDA C Implementation of Fast Parallel/Fan-beam X-ray Computed Tomography Projection
    Use square pixel basis function; provide forward/backward projection. This code was tested on Tesla M2090 and C2050. It is capable to handle 360 projections of 2-D image of size 1024x1024 with each projection measured by 1440 detectors. [code]

  • Java GUI interface for the X-ray CT reconstruction project
    A front-end interface communicates to the back-end iterative calculation components through TCP socket. It has parameter control and shows reconstruction progress. [code]

  • GMSK modulator/demodulator of base band signal by Verilog.

  • General USB Security Guard with Fingerprint Recognition
    A device connecting USB drive (including USB external hard disk) and PC. For PC, it works as a normal USB drive; while for USB, it is a normal PC. Files are encrypted (32-bit AES) when transferred from PC to USB drive, and decrypted in the other direction. Fingerprints are used for identification. Plaintext files and encrypted files co-exist in the same file system within the USB drive. Files owned by different users also co-exist and can be retrieved through the fingerprint identification.

verion 1 version 2 base board version 2 full
Version 1 (Xilinx XC3S500E)
Version 2 (AT91SAM9260) mother board
Version 2 with fingerprint module